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Our experience at the service of quality


M&M srl has operated for more than twenty years in the field of stock of designer clothing and accessories, offering wholesalers, outlet centres and shopkeepers the best labels and the most well-known brands in national and international fashion.


We propose an extremely vast range of clothing for men, women and children, leather goods and accessories, all displayed logically in our showrooms to facilitate research. 


Our experience allows us to meet all the needs of clients, to whom we can always offer an up-to-date selection of the most sought after labels.



Our philosophy

We set out to satisfy our customers through the:


Research, purchase and selection of goods exclusively from the latest season, directly from the fashion company guaranteeing to all customers the availability of fast sales turnover stock


Proposition of top quality at the best prices


Assurance of communication with the customers, keeping them constantly up-to-date with new arrivals and the effective availability of the goods